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Shut up and Jump!, from Nashville, TN

STT Staff
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Feb 23, 2018 at 4:35 PM
    1. Caleb Strickland
      Caleb Strickland
      Ride Right: I saw your post about a free Track Day for folks who haven't done one. I'd like to be entered. Just let me know what you need.
    2. 196paul
      Thanks for responding, please send me the STT logo file via email.
    3. milspecryderzmcprez
      Hey Keith I got to work with you a bit on I group last Sat 18 Jul Barber. Would love to work with you again next time I am out there so I can work on my line/form and get faster. In addition, I have some Soldier's that never been to the track I always like to bring along to get that experience in order to keep them out of the streets. I saw a post you've replied to about track coupons. I would be interested to help my fellow soldiers out if you are willing. Thanks again. Alex 931-542-7480
      1. tnskydivr
        Anytime I can help! When do you plan to return? I have ONE coupon left but I'll be glad to give it to one of your soldier friends

        Pick ONE and have him email me at and I'll give them instructions.

        How many fellow soldiers do you have that need them? MAYBE I can round a few up. IF NOT, STT offers a VERY GENEROUS Military Discount...let me know!
        Apr 6, 2016
    4. tnskydivr
      Correct. OEM levers have a self-locking bolt on them. Yes good to make sure. When you tech, if we spot something, IF WE CAN we will help you fix it on the spot...
    5. Kawirider743
      I should be all set actually because it's for Brembo master cylinders while mine is OEM. Even tho I mentioned that it was oem in my thread?!?
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    Nashville, TN


    Keith Abner
    STT Staff, Southern Division
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    16 BMW S1000RR
    08 Busa
    Precision Aerodynamics Nitron 135
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    "If you can't be fast, you gotta LOOK GOOD"