TDW Racing Sponsors MotoAmerica Racers in 2018

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    FROM: Track Day Winner, LLC - Atlanta, Georgia


    TDW Racing is very happy to announce our sponsorship award recipients for the 2018 MotoAmerica season. We are excited and honored to be able to sponsor this team of very capable young men for the 2018 MotoAmerica Series!

    Racing with TDW Racing as their primary team sponsor in the 2018 MotoAmerica series will be Jackson Blackmon and Draik Beauchamp. Both of these professional racers have been competing and winning races for several years now and have collectively set their sights on a MotoAmerica Championship! In his 2014 season Jackson won 4 different WERA regional championship titles, was the 2015 AMA Youth Road Racer of the Year, AMA Moto3 Champion, & WERA F3 National Champion. His winning continued in 2016 when he won the very first WERA Yamaha R3 Cup Championship as well as placing 7th overall in the MotoAmerica KTM RC390 Cup series. In 2017 Jackson posted (3) RC Cup wins and placed 4th overall in the championship series. Jackson is 16 years old and attends the 11th grade at Connections Academy in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In his 2015 season Draik won his first WERA National Championship in lightweight twins. He followed up in 2016 with several WERA regional championships (a total of 10 regional championships so far!). In 2017 he competed in the MotoAmerica KTM RC390 Cup collecting 6 podiums with (1) win and placing 5th overall in the series. Both Draik and Jackson were invited to and competed in the 2017 KTM World Finals in Jerez, Spain. Draik is 18 years old and just recently graduated a semester early from high school. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

    About TDW Racing
    Track Day Winner, LLC is predominantly a southeastern USA track day organization owned and managed by John Cook of Adairsville, Georgia. TDW Racing was created to be the conduit through which Track Day Winner could sponsor deserving individuals or teams competing in motorcycle road racing events. To date Track Day Winner has provided over $350,000 in financial and material sponsorships to racers Dane Westby/Westby Racing, Josh Herrin, Garrett Parker, Joshua Jovi, Draik Beauchamp, Jackson Blackmon, Kayla Yaakov, Chris Wiemann, Blake Davis, Tulio Pinto, James East, Daniel Paine, Damian Jigalov, and many others. For more information on sponsorship opportunities or to contact us please visit our website at or contact John Cook at
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